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Get Divorce Problem Soliton

Divorce Problem Solution

Divorce is a painful and often traumatic experience that can leave lasting scars on the individuals involved, as well as their families. Astrology offers a unique perspective on divorce, allowing us to understand the underlying astrological factors that contribute to the breakdown of relationships. In this blog, we will explore some common astrological remedies for preventing divorce and strengthening relationships.

Astrological Causes of Divorce

In astrology, the seventh house of the horoscope is the house of marriage and partnerships. The position of the seventh lord, as well as the planets in the seventh house, can give us insight into the nature of a person's relationships and the potential for divorce.

Some of the common astrological causes of divorce include:

  • Afflictions to the seventh house or its lord

  • Malefic influence on the planets in the seventh house

  • Placement of malefic planets in the fourth, eighth or twelfth house, which can cause disruptions in domestic life

  • Weakness or affliction of Venus, the planet of love and relationships

Astrological Remedies for Divorce

  • Perform Venus Remedies: Venus is the planet of love and relationships. To strengthen Venus, you can recite Venus mantras, wear gemstones associated with Venus, or perform rituals such as fasting on Fridays or lighting a ghee lamp in front of a Venus yantra.

  • Worship the Seventh Lord: Worshiping the lord of the seventh house can help improve the quality of your relationships. You can recite the mantras associated with the seventh lord, wear gemstones related to the lord of the seventh house, or perform rituals such as lighting a ghee lamp in front of a seventh house yantra.

  • Wear Gemstones: Gemstones are believed to have powerful healing properties that can help alleviate the negative effects of malefic planets. Wearing gemstones associated with planets such as Venus, Jupiter, or the Moon can help promote harmony and prevent divorce.

  • Perform Remedial Rituals: Remedial rituals such as puja, homa, or yagya can help alleviate the negative effects of malefic planets and promote harmony in relationships. These rituals are typically performed by a qualified astrologer, who can guide you on the appropriate rituals for your specific situation.


Divorce is a painful and difficult experience, but astrology offers a unique perspective on the underlying causes of relationship breakdowns. By understanding the astrological factors that contribute to divorce, we can take steps to prevent it and strengthen our relationships. If you are experiencing relationship problems, consult with a qualified astrologer to explore the remedies and solutions that are right for you.




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