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Remedies For Negativity

Remove Negativity From Your Life

Where does negativity come from?

We exist in a world full of energy, some of which can be positive and some negative. Negative energy can come from various sources such as people and our surroundings, and although it can't be measured, its effects can be felt both physically and mentally. If left unchecked, negative energy can multiply, leading to further negative consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to address and manage negativity to ensure our overall well-being and happiness.

Astrology behind negative energy

In astrology, there are both inauspicious and auspicious planets for any horoscope. When malefic planets dominate our horoscope, especially the house of personality and speech, then there is a spread of negativity in your personality. Some people are like this, you must have seen that they can spoil things with just one glance. How does this happen? It happens due to evil eye or bad effect in one's vision. Here the person is not at fault, but the position of the planets in his horoscope has a negative impact on his vision. They become so negative that whatever they see or see, they feel a kind of jealousy which eventually destroys the auspiciousness of things.

If a person's 2nd and 1st house are severely affected then that person can be tagged as a negative person and can create negativity in others around him or her. You don't know and their negative mindset spoils things around. They send you a lot of negative energy which becomes difficult for you to handle. In such a situation, it is advised to everyone to strengthen their aura through meditation and mental focus, so that no negative or evil eye can reach your body through that positive aura.

Some indications of negativity

There are certain signs that can indicate the presence of negative energy around you. It is a feeling and does not work until we absorb it. Some of the symptoms of negative energy are as follows- You are over-critical: If you are over-critical and criticize others from time to time, it shows negativity in you. You may feel temporary relief from this habit of finding fault with others but it is not a long lasting solution. Once you complete a critique, your mind starts looking for other areas of weakness. This habit of yours can fill negativity in your environment. You get easily irritated and frustrated and will unknowingly fill the atmosphere with negativity.

You Are Always Complaining: You are complaining about almost everything in life! Regret is another name for negative thoughts on our subconscious levels. You are complaining because you see flaws in that thing.

And when you are complaining about everything in life then it definitely indicates that you find flaws in everything which makes you a negative person.

Over time this habit becomes so deep that you cannot stop yourself from spreading negativity all around. When you are complaining, you are taking out your negative energy.

This in turn makes the environment negative and causes nazar dosha in your vision, which can give negativity to others. You may be tagged as a negative person.

You face health issues: Negativity inside can lead to mental stress which in turn affects your health. Mental stress is not desirable and has negative effects on the health of the individual.

Stress weakens our immune system and creates hormonal imbalance. Negativity affects our brain cells and inhibits positive thinking. Due to chemical reactions and blockages in the free blood supply in our body, many diseases take birth in us.

This imbalance creates all the negative emotions inside us which in turn harms our health. Negative energy is nothing but our negative emotions like aggression, frustration, jealousy and disrespectful behaviour. These subsequently lead to neurologic disorders and dysfunction of multiple body systems.

You face sleep disorders: The constant negativity in your thoughts can have a bad effect on your sleeping pattern. You get caught in a vicious cycle of constant sleep deprivation and negative thoughts. You become a negative person and create problems in your life as well as in others.

How does negativity makes you feel?

  • Your head feels heavy all the time.
  • Unforeseen obstacles and sudden events cause failure in your efforts.
  • Don’t get the desired results of your hard work.
  • Constant fear and insecurities in mind.
  • Pessimistic mind with abusive speech.
  • You have to face constant challenges and failures in life.
  • There are prolonged diseases in the family.
  • Events of untimely death in the family are there.
  • Undisciplined kids and their unruly behavior.
  • Arguments and fights in the family.

Can Negativity Be Cured

  • According to experience, ghosts are equally dangerous for everyone whether they are adults, children, grown ups or newborns. People with a strong positive shield are protected while those with a weak or negative inner side are easily influenced. So it is very important to feed positive thoughts inside your mind every day. Read good motivational and spiritual books to keep yourself positive and happy from inside. This is the best way to prevent negative thoughts from arising than to try your best to kill them later.
  • Sunlight is the best way to remove negative energy from your home. Let every corner of your home be lit up with sunlight and watch the magic happen. Sun is the remover of all darkness and when it enters your home, it becomes free from any kind of evil and negative energy. So to remove negativity from your home, open all the windows first thing in the morning.
  • To remove negativity, you can burn incense sticks in your home. In astrology, the smoke coming out of incense sticks is the symbol of Rahu and Rahu is a negative planet. When you burn incense sticks at home, you are expelling the negativity caused by Rahu and other malefic planets. It is recommended to burn these scented sticks twice a day in your home. If it is sandalwood flavored then it is even better. Follow this easiest solution to remove negativity in a few seconds.
  • Wipe the floor of your house with salt water every day except Thursday. Salt helps in eliminating any kind of negative energy from your home.
  • Clean your home regularly as dirt creates negativity in the home environment.
  • Remove all kinds of useless and broken items from your home. Broken objects spread negativity and thus are not desired inside the house.
  • Pour lemon or orange flavored water into a spray bottle and spray it in every nook and corner throughout your home. It is an effective way to dispel negativity while uplifting your mood.
  • Get rid of clutter as soon as possible.
  • Use rhinestones and other gems to remove negativity from home. Chakra gems have been considered highly beneficial in balancing your life.
  • Use pastel shades in painting your home and also remove mirrors from your bad rooms as they are not considered auspicious for your emotional stability.



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